Residential Sandblasting

Sandblasting is a process where sand is propelled with compressed air at a very high rate of speed. When the sand contacts the surface being sandblasted, it literally chips away all the paint and rust, exposing a perfect (grey) metal surface. Sandblasting is ideal for hard to access areas such as patterns on a wrought iron bed frame, lawn furniture, etc.  In addition, any heavy metal surface can be sandblasted.  Items such as car rims, railings, metal stairs, trailers & trailer hitches, bumpers, farm equipment & machinery, iron fencing, car & truck frames, car parts, headers, manifolds and boats are ideal candidates for sandblasting.

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And once that surface is clean, protection is key.  Sooner Sandblasting & Coatings can help you complete your project with paint application or direct you to a quality powder coater.